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Rev. Priestess Calister

I had my very first reading in 2009 I can say a few things manifest, but not all. In 2015 to present day, I tend to call every time I feel something in my heart. Each time Rev. Calister was 100% correct. Although I wanted to believe my own mind, I have to give her credit where its due. She's amazing!!!


Completely in awe!!!!!!! Really down to earth and real. Have already scheduled another and referred many friends and family that are completely amazed with her as well ur customers."


Priestess Calister is absolutely the best at what she does! She listens and understands. Her readings are off the chain!!! Seriously, no joke! You don't have to tell her anything she'll tell you! I will definitely be a longtime customer...... Tonya P

Scarily accurate, said a prayer I said verbatim..explained my situation before I even asked my question. It was so accurate I cried. Confirmed something that just happened and I'm a little speechless.Excellent excellent reader..... Wendi

Tata Lawo

This man is the TRUTH, was so blown away failed to press 1 to add more funds and sadly was disconnected, finally truth I needed to hear once and for all, gives it to you straight up no chaser.

He just comes out with it. No sugar coating at all. He's like a brother you never had. He just tells you everything good or bad. I would definitely be calling him back for all advice I need. Pick up the phone now and call him.

 First time calling this gentleman and let me tell you the ancestors were telling all truth. Even the things I didn't really want to believe have already come to fruition. Very accurate

He's legit and gifted. He was able to tell me about the people in question with ease and clarity. He doesn't blow smoke up your bum or tell you what you want to hear. He tells you what he sees. He blew me away! I talked to him for 30 min. and I'm a first time caller and hard critic. Thank you lux and to your spiritual guides for guiding me today. Sending you love and light :-)

I just wanna say I was blown away by the things this man told me he’s nothing but the truth the spirits are truly speaking through him. I’m truly thankful for you

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