3rd Eye Psychic LLC
 The Priestess

Bringing Light, Life & Wisdom

Blessed Be! I am the Seeress. I'm initiated in the following Orders, Yaya in Palo Monte, Mambo in Haitian Vodoun, Priestess in the Order of Mary Magdala and the Divine Mother. Ordained Interfaith, Esoteric and Psychic Minister through the Esoteric Theological Seminary. I hold a diploma as a Chartered Herbalist  and a certificate as a Hypnotist.

I  was born into the Craft and my gifts of sight and healing have been passed through my maternal and paternal line. With over 32 years experience, through Spirit I read Tarot, Talking Board, Ancient Palo Deck, Empaca Shell and Seashells. I relay information concerning spiritual direction, love, work, money, health, business, career path.

As a Shaman I perform Spiritual work to uncross, protect, bring prosperity, love and business success. As a medium, I relay messages from the Holy Spirit by way of my spirit     guides and ancestors acting as messenger between the seen and unseen.   



Tuesday - Saturday 

11:30 am - 10:30 pm

404 484 5146