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Rev. Priestess Calister

Blessed Be, I am the Seer. Initiated in Palo Mayombero, Haitian Vodoun Lucumi and  the Esoteric Order of Mary Magdalene,  the Order of the Divine Mother and the Ancient Order of the Magi. I hold a diploma as Chartered Herbalist and certified Hypnotist. I read the Ancient Palo Deck, Talking Board, Empaca Shell and Chomolongos.

I relay information concerning spiritual direction, love, work, money, health, business, career path.

As a Shaman, I perform spiritual work to uncross, protect, bring prosperity, love and business success. As a medium, I relay messages from the Holy Spirit by way of my spirit guides and ancestors acting as messenger between the seen and unseen.   EXT. 101

Tata Baba Wodabie Lawo aka Lex Lavoe

My journey began as a child with what my mother calls the ability to discern spirits. From birth the gift was passed through my maternal and paternal line, providing gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance. As a youth several head injuries increased my psychic abilities. I became a student of African Traditional Religion, conjure and rootwork at the age of 16, in my mid 20's I was lead to the Lucumi system and initiatied in the Yoruba system by age 30. I was initiated first into the Yoruba system of Ifa and later into Palo Mayombero. I seek to offer the wisdom of the Ancestors and new life to all my clients for healing, upiftment and encouragemement. I thank my Godparents and godbrothers and godsisters in both the Yoruba and Lucumi systems who offered thier wisdom and guidance with love and support on my spiritual journey. 


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